The mystery of the Last Day’s evangelization
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The mystery of the Last Day’s evangelization

Good evening, beloved brethren and friends present. It is a great blessing for me to be with you tonight, in this evangelization activity.

It is really a great blessing when there are people who have felt from God to take the Message to other people; for after the blessing of receiving salvation and the Word of God, then, the other great blessing is to take the Message, to make known the Message that one has received.

When the disciples of Jesus Christ followed Jesus, we find that Christ then told twelve of His disciples to go and preach the Gospel, the Word1</sup>; and He later on sent seventy —in addition— to carry the Word and announce that the Kingdom of God had come near, and that people should repent in order to receive God’s blessings.2

Whenever a dispensation begins to intertwine with the dispensation that has come to its end, we will find that the dispensational messenger appears and begins to preach the Message for that new dispensation, and that new dispensation gradually opens up, and the Message for that dispensation emerges; and those who have received the Message begin to be gathered, and a group of believers begins to be formed, who are commissioned to take that same Message to other people, so that they may also know the good tidings, the good news.

Gospel means ‘good news,’ and it is the good news relevant to that new dispensation; and the believers begin to take the Message, and more people begin to appear believing the Message; and this is because they are written in the Book of Life; and they have to appear, because they are ordained for that new dispensation.

The most privileged persons of a dispensation, we find, are always those who begin in that dispensation; because they are the ones who obtain the knowledge of the Message from its beginning, and they are the ones who work arm in arm with the messenger of that new dispensation; for that messenger is in their midst at that time taking the Message, giving the Message.

And those people who work with that messenger are the people who have the privilege of being able to see the messenger face to face; but then, those who come 100 or 200 years later, have in the history of that new dispensation what happened at the beginning, and those who come 100 or 200 or 300 years later, say: “I would have liked to have lived in the time when the messenger of this dispensation was; I would have liked to have lived in his time and worked arm in arm with him.” So it has been from age to age and from dispensation to dispensation.

And we have the blessing of living in the beginning of a new dispensation: the Dispensation of the Kingdom, which is intertwining with the Dispensation of Grace; and we have the blessing of having been called and gathered in this Last Day, because we had been predestined by God to live in this time, and to receive the Word, and to be placed in a new age and in a new dispensation, and to work in this new age and in this new dispensation, arm in arm with the ministers, workers, that God places in this time, and with the messenger that God places in this time.

All that was desired by the believers of past ages, is now ours, for it is a blessing that was ordained by God for us all. This blessing was desired by many in the past.

Just as in the time of Jesus, the blessing to be living in the days of Jesus and to be a believer in Jesus, the messenger of the Dispensation of Grace, to be a believer was a great blessing, a great privilege, a great blessedness. And Jesus said: “Blessed are your eyes, for they see; and your ears, for they hear. For many of the prophets and righteous desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.”3

That great blessing, you see, those believers in Jesus, under the ministry of Jesus, two thousand years ago, had that great blessing. And of those believers in Jesus, we find that in the Divine Program twelve believers in Jesus would be occupying twelve thrones in the Kingdom of God.

And the one who lost that blessing (Judas Iscariot): he lost the blessing, but the blessing was not lost; the blessing passed, you see, to another one of the believers in Jesus, who was constituted as one of the twelve apostles, as a witness of the resurrection of Christ.4

And then, later on, Saint Paul came, a mighty messenger of Jesus Christ, the first of the seven angel messengers of the seven ages of the gentile Church; and the blessing that Judas Iscariot had lost, the apostle Saint Paul received it in all its fullness.

Look how great was the blessing that Judas Iscariot had, and he didn’t appreciate it. With the ministry that was being manifested in Judas Iscariot, the Message of the Gospel of Grace could reach the gentiles, but he lost the blessing; and the ministry and the blessing, passed to Saint Paul the apostle.

Now, we can see what a great blessing there always is when a new dispensation is beginning.

We find that the Lord Jesus Christ also ordained seventy to carry the Message. And where did Jesus Christ get all these numbers: twelve apostles and then seventy, sending them out? For example, in the time of Moses there were seventy men who were faithful to God, who came to work for and with the prophet Moses5</sup>; and there were also twelve princes, one from each tribe, representing each tribe.6

And now see how later the Sanhedrin Council also had seventy wise men, it had seventy wise men, who were in charge of the direction of the Hebrew religion, along with the high priest.

And now you see how Jesus placed twelve apostles and then seventy people, seventy (we would say) missionaries, people who would also work in the Work of the Lord; and then more workers appeared in the Work of the Lord. They were called to carry the Message in a faithful and true way.

And now, we have been granted to have the Message recorded in videos, in tapes and in booklets; which helps all of us to carry the Message in the most accurate way that can be carried, which is carrying it as that Message has come to us, so that the Earth may be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, so that the Earth may be filled with the knowledge of the Seventh Seal, so that the Earth may be filled with the knowledge of the Seventh Trumpet and the Seventh Seal sounding. Sounding what? Sounding, revealing, the Coming of the Lord as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, as King of kings and Lord of lords in His Reclaiming Work; because the Gospel of the Kingdom revolves around the Second Coming of Christ.

Now we can see how our dispensation is intertwined with the Dispensation of Grace, just as the Dispensation of Grace was intertwined with the Dispensation of the Law; and there is no contradiction in one dispensation [with] another dispensation. There is more light in the Divine Program in a new dispensation, than there was in the former dispensation; and the things that happened in the former dispensation, then become type and figure of the things that will be happening in the new dispensation; for there can be no contradiction in one dispensation with another dispensation. Everything has to come in one line of divine revelation.

For example, in the Dispensation of the Law there was a paschal lamb and there was also the goat of atonement, and there were sacrifices of little animals for sin, also for the reconciliation of the people with God and for the peace of the people; and so on and so forth. And in the Dispensation of Grace, you see, we have the Lamb of God, which is our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, to pay the price of redemption.

And then that same Lamb of God, for the Dispensation of the Kingdom becomes the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is the same God, but notice how He moves from dispensation to dispensation, and how He was reflected there in the Dispensation of the Law.

And now, we find ourselves in the greatest and most glorious time of all times, where Christ will be coming out of the Throne of Intercession in this end time, when the last of the elect enters; and there will no longer be on the Throne of Intercession or Mercy Seat or Seat of Mercy, there will be no more Blood there; therefore, the divine judgment will come forth from the Throne of God in Heaven, and will be revealed in the Age of the Throne of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ; just as the mercy of God, from the Throne of Mercy, where has it been being revealed? In the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, during the seven stages or ages of the gentile Church, and in this time in which we are living; but He never revealed Himself during the seven stages or ages of the gentile Church as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, He never revealed Himself as Judge of all the Earth, but He has been revealing Himself as High Priest and as Advocate and as Lamb, making intercession in Heaven; but in this end time He will make a change when the last of the elect in the Mystical Body of the Lord Jesus Christ enters.

And we need the Message to reach all the elect before the time comes for Christ to come forth from the Throne of Intercession. That is why God has been pouring His blessing and the Message has been reaching all the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean, where the Stage or Age of the Cornerstone is being fulfilled.

I have been traveling every year, also with Miguel and other people, in order to be taking the Message personally, and to also have fellowship with the believers in different nations, just as we have fellowship here in Puerto Rico.

You have been very understanding and have prayed for me, and have remained attending the activities, whether I am personally there or not, but you have always come for the Message; because that is what called you and spoke directly to your soul, and made you know that you are God’s elect.

The Message remains with us; and for all the activities, we have it recorded in tapes, in videos, and we also have it in booklets; in other words, we have never lacked spiritual food. And as we have been traveling, we have been storing more food, through the activities, the conferences that have been recorded.

There are times when more than one hundred conferences are recorded in a single month or two months; and that is a miracle. There are occasions when we have more than one activity in a single day. And sometimes one, two, three, four…, and even five activities have been recorded on video in a single day. This is a great miracle, for which we thank God.

You will notice one thing in those conferences, and it is the same thing that we noticed in our homes when we are served a meal: You will find that normally every day of the week, or most of the days of the week, we find a little bit of rice, a little bit of beans or kidney beans, and also a little bit of salad, and also a little bit of meat, either chicken or beef or some other little animal; that is how it is normally; and there you will find many vitamins and minerals that we need for our body.

You don’t say: “No, because I ate this yesterday, I will not eat again.” You get weak, you get sick and then you die if you stop eating. But we have been eating rice and beans for how many years? And you don’t know how good rice and beans are until you go to another country where there is no rice and beans as they prepare them here.

You say: “I would like to eat a good plate of rice and beans, with a little piece of meat, either chicken or beef, and something like that; or a little rice with – one of those with color, with beans inside, stewed”; I don’t know if they call it stewed; that when they prepare that, that is the day they almost always prepare the most rice; it is not because they are going to eat too much that day but because they prepare a lot: They eat that day, save the rest, the next day they come back and serve themselves; and if there are leftovers, they save them, and for the next day…, sometimes…; at least at home, how many days have we been eating stewed rice?

And if they are chickpeas also with a little rice…, how was it that time? White rice with bacon and chickpeas. Once you prepared, how many cans was it, in one day? Five or six cans; and a pot of… I don’t know if she also prepared the rice like that… And then later, in the morning, when we got up, she would tell me: “Do you want breakfast?”, and I would ask her: “And what menu do you have?” —”Chickpeas with pig’s feet and white rice.” Then, at noon, she would invite me for lunch, and I would ask her: “What do you have?” —“White rice with chickpeas and pig’s feet,” or I don’t know if it was a little piece of meat on the side. And then, in the afternoon, she would invite me to dinner, and I would ask her: “And what do you have there?” She would say: “Chickpeas, pig’s feet, with white rice.” And so, how many days were you…? About a week or so: breakfast, lunch and dinner eating white rice, chickpeas with pig’s feet, and I don’t know what else you put on the side.

She likes it so much that when she sometimes prepares it this way, she prepares a few cans, seven cans, or she prepares a lot of it, if it is a package, so that in one go she can assure two or three days there… And in the morning or at night, no matter the time, she has something she likes, well… And the colored rice with beans in it, the next day, they say it tastes better.

And you don’t see that everywhere, that is a custom here; and I don’t know if in Santo Domingo it is also like that, but it is a custom in Puerto Rico and in Santo Domingo, because there it is a little bit like here too, in that way of eating; but not in other nations; and when you arrive in another country that doesn’t have that little rice and that way of eating, then you know how good rice, beans and chickpeas are, and all these little things that we eat here, and in the way we do it here.

Now, spiritually you will find, in all the messages, that there is a little bit of such thing, and you ate of that some time ago, perhaps in the previous message or previous messages; and there is another little bit of this other thing, which was talked about in some of the previous messages; and you find another little bit of this other thing, which was also talked about in other previous messages; and you always find that variety: a little bit of each thing.

And just as you ate at the previous time or times, you come back and eat, and you are being fed; and from time to time, you find something of which you had been given a little bit and you wanted more, and there you find a little bit more of what you had been given and that you liked so much, but that you wanted more; and then you find a little bit more expanded, more explained; and that fills you with joy, with contentment.

For example, when we have spoken of His face as the sun (the face of the Son of Man as the sun), you can see that in five out of ten messages that are preached, in five of them you can find something of His face as the sun; and you will always find something about the Son of Man or the Coming of the Son of Man.

This is so because the Message of the Gospel of the Kingdom revolves around the Coming of the Son of Man for the Last Day; and no matter how many turns we make in the Message, it is going to come to be around the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels for the Last Day.

That is why you will find that in almost every message there is something of the Son of Man, something of the Angels of the Son of Man, something of the Great Voice of Trumpet or the Last Trumpet, something of the elect of God and the calling of the elect of God, something of the Age of the Cornerstone, something of the Dispensation of the Kingdom; because that is our Food for this end time. We are not going to find something that is not relevant to our time.

So you see how, as we receive the Word, it becomes flesh in us; just as when we eat, the food we eat becomes flesh, cells of our cells.

If you stop eating then the process of cell multiplication begins to run out, until you see that you are getting thinner and thinner. Why? Because you are not producing that cell multiplication well, and then you become thinner and thinner; and when you come to see, you find yourself so thin that with just a strong wind you are taken to the cemetery. Any disease, any virus, any bacteria, anything destroys him, sends him to the hospital and then to the cemetery; but if the person…, it is said that as long as one sees the person eating well, the person is well.

And spiritually, Christ says: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”7 We have then to eat, not only us but all the people who have their names written in the Book of Life. And we, having the Food…, for Christ tells us: “Give freely what freely you have received.”8

There is hunger and thirst on Earth, not for literal bread and water, but to hear the Word of God relevant to our time. And as Christ said to His disciples when the people were hungry and it was already late, and His disciples say: “Look, it is already late. These people have been with us for three days already and now they have nothing to eat. And if we send them away – and if we leave them with us, we are going to have problems.” Jesus said to them: “They have no need to go away, but you give them something to eat.”9 And they had no food even for themselves, only a few small loaves of bread and a few small fish, and they belonged to a little boy who was standing by.

Jesus said: “What do you have?” —“Well, there is a little child who has some little loaves of bread and some little fish.” He said: “Bring those over here and tell them to lie down fifty by fifty; and you give them something to eat.” Jesus blessed what was there, and it multiplied as Jesus broke it up and gave it to His disciples, and they distributed it to the people.

So you see how from something that was in a child’s basket, then, many baskets were needed when Christ blessed it; if there were twelve apostles and each one was distributing, then each one needed a basket for Jesus Christ to put it there and go and distribute it, and to give to the other and go and distribute, until they distributed to a multitude, first of five thousand people (not counting the children and the women), and on another occasion four thousand people.10

And so it is spiritually, too.

Notice, when you start in an age or in a dispensation, people see nothing or almost nothing; but the little that there is: God blesses it, and it continues to be distributed and multiplied; and when you come to see, there is more than what there was before that Food began to be distributed.

Do you remember how many messages Miguel began to travel with throughout Latin America? How many were there? Five messages, five conferences on cassettes, he started to travel around Latin America with that; and look now, there are five messages multiplied by how much? By quite a lot; there are countless conferences already recorded, not only in cassettes but also in videos and booklets. Are there not more today than when we started?

And when Jesus finished feeding those five thousand people, on one occasion (and on another, four thousand people): They began with something little that was in a little basket, and when they had finished eating and had gathered what was left over, they filled a few baskets, full baskets; and when they had begun, the child’s basket was not full, it had very little.

It is also like the oil in the cruse and the flour in the cruse (or in the vessel wherein it was poured), which, see, as it was used, it multiplied as well or reproducing; and there was no lack of flour or oil.11 Thus are the things of God in every age and in every dispensation.

And that is what we are experiencing in our time. Perhaps, when we started, anyone could say: “That Message will not go very far, or it will not go anywhere, or it will not last long,” because it started in such a simple way and so little; but as time has gone by, look, it has been covering all Latin America and the Caribbean. And nowadays, many people who didn’t understand at the beginning, are already understanding. God is opening the understanding of many people, in all Latin America and the Caribbean.

God wants to prepare the people who are going to receive that Message; because He has ordained them to receive that Message in this end time.

We are working in evangelism in a safe way, for we are in the age relevant to our time, in the right dispensation and with the right Message also; so there is no way to fail in our evangelistic work of this Last Day.

We have seen: “THE MYSTERY OF THE LAST DAY’S EVANGELIZATION,” we have seen what the Message is, we have seen what the time is, we have seen the territory, we have seen which people would receive that Message, we have seen all these things; therefore, we work conscious of the work that we are carrying out in the Work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Of those present here there are some who are (as we say) of the old guard; there are some who are here since the 60s, since ’64 and ’65, there are some of you who are in the Message; let’s say, since ’65… For example, Maiso, since sixty-something, right, Maiso? Since ’65. Who else around here? ’64, ’65 was when brother Branham’s Message started here.

But I also know people (they are not here), for example, sister Paula, in ’63 she listened with her husband, I don’t know if she also went (I think she did), to an activity that I was giving at the plaza here of recess, around ’63; I was only 23 years old at that time; and she is one of the people that from that time on has been listening to the Message.

Afterwards, maybe there was a time when she didn’t know a little bit about the ministry, but later when brother Branham’s Message came, she listened again; and already here in Cayey, in ’64, ’65, we were already giving activities with brother Branham’s Message.

And you see, time has passed and we have remained; and every day there is more Word of God revealed for all of us.

I met Gonzalez over there… What year was it, Gonzalez? ’63, back there in Lajas. I was in a Pentecostal church preaching, and I was also in field activities, right? I was also involved in evangelization, and that is where I met Gonzalez too.

So you can see how God was already working in everything from such a long time ago, and how God has blessed us, God has had mercy on us; and how every day He gives us more light about the whole Divine Program. He has given us so much light that He has shown us where it would be that God would carry out the last phase or stage of His Church relevant to the Age of the Cornerstone: He has shown us that it would be in Latin America and the Caribbean, and that is where the Age of the Cornerstone is being fulfilled.

Those who lived in past ages didn’t have that revelation. And if any of the messengers had enough light on what would happen in Latin America and the Caribbean, it was our brother Branham, who said: “From the West will come a Rider on a white horse. We will travel this trail once again.”12 And also when he spoke of the Third Pull, which would be in a language unknown to him.13 In other words, he had enough light, but he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t reveal, open, that mystery, because it would be opened to us in this end time.

We have the greatest blessing that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has had during her different ages. We are blessed, and we are seeing and hearing the things that the messengers of past ages wished to see and hear with the group of every age, and also the apostles and the believers in the midst of the Hebrew people of the time of the apostles.

We are living in a time parallel to the time of Jesus and the time of Moses, and the time of Abraham, and the time of Noah, and the time of Seth, and the time of Adam; because we are living in a time that was reflected in those dispensational prophet messengers, showing now this time in which we are living.

“As it was in the time of Noah (Jesus says), so shall also the Coming of the Son of Man be.”14 And “as it was in the time (of whom?) of Lot”15</sup>; and in the time of Lot, well, Abraham was there, the messenger of the fourth dispensation: Dispensation of the Promise.

Now see how it is also as in the time of Moses, for it speaks of the Two Olive Trees; and one of the Two Olive Trees is the ministry of Moses. Christ said that the Coming of the Son of Man would be with His Angels,16 which are the ministries of Moses and Elijah.

Therefore, as in the days of Moses, as in the days of Elijah and as in the days of Jesus, the Coming of the Son of Man would be for the Last Day.

Now we can see that this is the blessing that has been allotted to us in Latin America and the Caribbean in this Last Day. And we, taking the Message of our time everywhere, are in the work of the evangelization of the Last Day.

“And the Earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea,”17 and we are privileged to be the first to have begun that work of evangelism that will cover the entire planet Earth. It had to begin with someone! And it has already begun, and that work will continue. And it will also continue during the Millennial Kingdom, but there were already those who began that work.

So, beloved brethren and friends present: May God bless you greatly and use you greatly in the Work of the evangelization of the Last Day with the Message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

May God bless you, may God keep you and use you greatly in His Work, in the evangelization of the Last Day.

May you all have a good night.


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