Introduction to the topic: The Voice of Christ under the Seventh Seal
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Introduction to the topic: The Voice of Christ under the Seventh Seal

Good morning, beloved friends and brethren present.

May the blessings of God, the heavenly Father, the Angel of the Covenant, be upon each one of you and upon myself as well, and may He speak directly to our soul by opening the Scriptures of the Last Day to us, and may He also open our understanding so that we may comprehend them.

It is a great blessing and privilege to be able to address each one of you through the Amazonas satellite and internet in different countries, today, Sunday, October, 14, 2018.

Greetings to Dr. Miguel Bermudez Marin, who is in Mexico City, Republic of Mexico today; and to Reverend Andres Cruz Gallego, and also Reverend Ricardo Villagran and the congregation gathered in Mexico City; and also to Reverend Jose Benjamin Perez and the congregation gathered in Cayey, Puerto Rico; and to all the congregations in different countries along with their ministers.

I appreciate and I am grateful for your support of The Great Tent Cathedral project. This is a very important project in the Divine Program, which we hope will soon be finished, for which we will be making a greater effort in what is left to finish it, aware that from that place we are waiting for the rapturing faith to be brought forth to be changed and raptured through the Word being spoken.

On this occasion, I would like to thank all the volunteers who made it possible for the Peace Integration Summit in Guatemala to surpass the previous Summits and to be a complete success.

I want to congratulate the coordinators of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, Miguel Gonzalez and his wife Ruth Leon, along with the team in Guatemala; as well as all the work teams, which were incorporated to make this event a reality: the team of technicians, transportation, press, social media, food, set-up, protocol, translations, security, logistics, fund-raising, transcription, registration, graphic design, and all the organizers of the sessions and the coordinators of the GEAP in different countries.

I would also like to say a special thanks and congratulations to the Symphonic Orchestra (OSEMAP) for their excellent presentation with the project The Power of Music for the Wellbeing, the Peace and Happiness of the Human Family.

On another note, I would like to thank Mr. Manuel Rodriguez and Mr. Daniel Boscan, and the of entrepreneurs of CENM, who voluntarily decided to support the organization of this event.

This is a work we do with love and out of love for the human family, and we will continue onward promoting the proposals that were presented at the Summit on a global scale.

Thank you, everyone, you are the best team in the world!

The subject of the Bible study we have for today, Sunday, October 14, 2018 is: “THE VOICE OF CHRIST UNDER THE SEVENTH SEAL.”

May God open the Scriptures to us and open our understanding so that we may understand the subject for this occasion, Sunday, October 14, 2018: “THE VOICE OF CHRIST UNDER THE SEVENTH SEAL.”

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